Best Chicago Bulls Players Ever

Who are the best players of the Chicago Bulls to have ever graced the court? Today, that is exactly what we will discuss in what is my selection of the best top five players of all time for the Chicago Bulls.

The Greatest of All Time

For once, this title is not going to be in reference to the late-Muhammed Ali, however, is going to help us refer to our new list of Chicago greats.

First, on our list is B.J. Armstrong he was drafted 18th in the 1989 draft, and played back up for three season before joining the Jordan-led five men squad. B.J. helped win three NBA titles for the Bulls, and was voted to the 1994 All-Star Game. This work and effort secures him are first spot for our first greatest.

John Paxson, who never made an All-Star Game appearance in any of his career, was a huge performer for the Bulls during his tenure. Paxson was brutal at making the 3-pt shot, and doing so in the clutch right when the Bulls needed it. Without Paxson, their ability to make the 1991-1993 title wins would have been a lot harder, if not impossible.

The next person to make this list should be of no surprise to anyone, and is none other than Scottie Pippen. The all-star who I will go as far as to say he was Robin to Jordan’s Batman, and the Jordan legacy may have worked out differently. Pippen became a clutch player that through his efforts allowed the Bulls to capture six NBA titles. In addition, Scottie was a seven-time All-Star forward.

Norm Van Lier makes our list at number four after being drafted and immediately traded in 1969, and then re-joining the team two years later. As a member of the Bulls, Van Lier, would be selected to three NBA All-Star Games. In addition, he is currently third on the list for assists and steals, as he is right behind Michael Jordan, and Scottie Pippen.

Finally, to round out this list of the top five of all time, is Michael Jordan. Beginning in his rookie year, Jordan averaged 28 points per game, and assisted in leading the team to six of their NBA titles. In addition, Jordan won the regular season MVP an astounding five times, a six-time winner of the finals MVP, and was selected to 12 All-Star team appearances. All of these reasons made Michael Jordan’s selection to this list an easy, no thinking required addition.


Not all of the players that made this list and even those greats that all have worked hard to set the bar to an incredible height for the current Bulls organization. Jordan, Pippen, and Armstrong new how to use each other’s talents in order to add value, excitement, and power to the whole Bulls team.